Insurance Coverage Litigation

We provide coverage litigation services to a range of public and private entities, including insurance agencies, reinsurers, funds, governing agencies and a variety of insurance carriers across industries. We handle first- and third-party insurance issues.

Many of our attorneys practice insurance law exclusively, and our law firm is well-known for our leadership, resolving disputes and mitigating costs through meaningful partnerships with clients across the United States. We keep the legal tempo high, providing services that allow for timely resolutions and cost-effective decision-making.

Our firm handles declaratory judgments, litigation, appeals and alternative dispute resolution processes in Louisiana and Mississippi, providing legal counsel in other areas of the Gulf Coast. We help our clients maintain control, limit liability and develop straightforward strategies to solve complex issues. Our insights and clear, consistent communications during the course of litigation help our clients focus on the continuation of business operations while we manage legal issues.

The partnership we form with our clients is collaborative in all respects. We keep them informed, and we set our goals to match with their best interests. Achieving our clients' objectives and limiting exposure in an insurance coverage dispute are pursued with diligence and efficiency regardless of the legal path that must be taken to produce a favorable result.

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