Insurance Regulatory

The firm's insurance regulatory section has extensive experience in all areas of insurance regulation, particularly in representing the Louisiana Department of Insurance with various significant matters over the past two decades.

Our attorney's representation has involved diverse and complex matters related to insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), reinsurers, self insurance funds, troubled insurance companies, and other insurance related entities. Burglass attorneys have worked closely with the Louisiana Department of Insurance as well as departments in other states. We have further coordinated activities with other state and federal agencies including the United States Attorney, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and with major medical providers and hospitals.

Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted suits against former insurance company executives, accounting firms, reinsurers, and other entities for the recovery of funds. The firm's extensive work in the area of insurance regulation as to financially troubled insurance companies providers clients with access to a wealth of knowledge and negotiating skills in insurance company operations.

The firm's wealth of experience and knowledge as to insurance regulatory matters translates into prompt and successful outcomes for clients operating throughout the insurance industry.