Products Liability Defense In Louisiana And Mississippi

We are experienced trial and appellate litigators, and we help our clients limit risks with efficient and effective methods. Serving a variety of industries, we are familiar with defending cases involving a broad range of consumer, industrial, construction, farm, medical and commercial products. We handle individual and mass tort claims as well as class-action litigation.

For more than 20 years, Burglass & Tankersley has been building a reputation as a leading defense law firm in New Orleans. With seasoned attorneys in Louisiana and Mississippi, our products liability defense practice extends throughout the Gulf Coast. We represent manufacturers, distributors, retailers, marketers and other businesses across the chain of commerce.

We are aggressive in working to protect client reputations, business operations and assets. We often collaborate with technical and economic experts, managing discovery, alternative dispute resolution, litigation and appeals, as necessary.

Our firm partners with each of our clients, as we work with focused and informative attentiveness to their short- and long-term objectives. With jobs, revenue and shareholder value on the line, our firm leverages resources in our clients' best interests until favorable resolution is reached. We also counsel our clients regarding management of potential claims and litigation risks.

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