Professional Liability & Discipline

Our attorneys represent individuals, business, regulatory agencies and insurers in the areas of professional liability and professional malpractice. Professionals in every field are increasingly the targets of allegations of malpractice. Our firm offers assistance with a wide range of legal services for all types of professional negligence, including legal, accounting, engineering, healthcare and architect liability, as well as directors and officers liability in a variety of industries and professions. In addition, our attorneys provide counsel and advice in matters dealing with avoidance of liability, focusing on business formation and operations, planning, regulatory and legal compliance.

We bring years of experience and knowledge as litigators, negotiators and planners to give our clients to the table to give our clients cost efficient and aggressive representation. Our attorneys experience in state and federal court in these matters allows us to provide quick analysis, ideas and strategies designed to meet each client's unique needs. We partner with our clients to achieve their goals.