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Auto And Trucking Accidents

Auto and trucking accident claims are among the most alleged legal liability claims, but that doesn’t diminish the level of detail needed to successfully defend them. Our attorneys are well-versed in the large body of law and industry standards affecting auto and trucking accident cases. We also draw upon a reliable network of medical, engineering, and trucking experts to expose weaknesses in plaintiffs’ claims.

The following cases are representative of our record of success in automobile and trucking liability litigation:

  • Three-Vehicle Trucking Accident Case: Our attorneys obtained a defense jury verdict in a lawsuit filed against a Gulf Coast trucking company in federal court. Plaintiff demanded a $1 million settlement for alleged injuries stemming from a three-vehicle trucking accident in which a co-defendant truck collided with our insured’s truck before colliding with plaintiff.
  • Auto-Accident Personal Injury Case: Our attorneys obtained a defense jury verdict in a personal injury case filed in Rapides Parish. Plaintiff claimed shoulder, neck, and back injuries following an automobile accident with our client. The jury found that the plaintiff’s injuries were not caused by the accident.
  • Auto-Accident Wrongful Death Case: Our attorneys obtained a summary judgment dismissal for a client in a wrongful death action. The court found that there was no question of fact that plaintiff would not be able to prove at trial that the insured’s tires were on the deceased’s vehicle at the time of the fatal accident.