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Class Action

Class action litigation involves a myriad of procedural and substantive legal issues that require both legal experience and attention to detail. Our attorneys have successfully navigated complex class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts.

The following cases are representative of our record of success in class action litigation:

  • Katrina-related flooding class-action: Our attorneys successfully represented Jefferson Parish in 15 class action lawsuits pending in both federal and state courts. Plaintiffs alleged that the Parish’s emergency planning and decision-making were deficient and that its drainage systems were inadequately designed and operated. All three of the federal and four of the state class actions were dismissed on pretrial motions. The remaining eight class actions were dismissed after a jury verdict in favor of the Parish.
  • Hepatitis C Class Action: Our attorneys defended over 50 state owned facilities against a Hepatitis C medical malpractice class action suit that was filed on behalf of 200 plaintiffs. The firm achieved dismissal of all state hospitals after several years of litigation.
  • Louisiana Department of Insurance Class Action: Our attorneys represented a former Louisiana Department of Insurance employee in a class action lawsuit in federal court after plaintiffs alleged damages as a result of actions taken in connection with Louisiana Citizens Property and Casualty Company. Our client prevailed as a result of a successful motion to dismiss.
  • Terrytown Gymnasium: The firm was retained by Jefferson Parish to defend multiple (15) class action litigations pending in several federal and state courts. The cases all arose out of the massive flooding that occurred during Hurricane Katrina, with plaintiffs alleging that the Parish was responsible for the flooding due to deficient emergency planning, an inadequately designed and operated drainage system, and faulty decision making immediately prior to and during the storm. All three of the federal and four of the state class actions were dismissed on pretrial motions with no payment made by the Parish. The remaining eight class actions were consolidated and proceeded to trial. After a four-week jury trial a verdict was rendered in favor of the Parish, finding no liability on the Parish’s part on any of plaintiffs’ allegations and resulting in a judgment of dismissal entered in the Parish’s favor.
  • Mold in public housing: Currently represent a local city agency in a putative class-action claim arising out of damages allegedly sustained by the plaintiffs as a result of defendant’s alleged negligence in allowing mold to germinate and spread throughout various public housing developments in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Unsolicited advertisements: Obtaining voluntary dismissal for a company, with no monies being paid, in a class action regarding transmission of unsolicited advertisements via facsimile.
  • Violation of Consumer Protection Act: Currently represent a Virginia company in a class action alleging violations of the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.