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Environmental And Natural Disaster Liability

As a Gulf Coast law firm, we are prepared to help clients manage a host of environmental concerns that affect residents, workers, and governmental and business entities. Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to resolve legal disputes following hurricanes, flooding events, oil spills, and land loss.

The following cases are representative of our record of success in litigation involving environmental and natural disasters:

  • One Million Settlement for Clients in FEMA dispute: Our attorneys reached a settlement with FEMA on behalf of local Parish government to secure up to $100,000,000 to make repairs to streets and roads in unincorporated portions of Parish that flooded during Katrina.
  • Soniat Canal Flooding Class Action: Our attorneys obtained dismissal for local parish in class action litigation stemming from a flood. Plaintiffs, 15,000 residents of the parish, alleged damages arising out of the May 8, 1995 flood in the Soniat Canal area.
  • Southeast Louisiana Flood Control Program (SELA) Litigation: Our attorneys assisted with the drafting and negotiation of a cooperative agreement for a $1 billion drainage improvement program with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and subsequently successfully defended lawsuits from third-party residents who claimed damages as a result of the drainage improvements.