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Advising Health Care Professionals On Legal Concerns

As medical and technological advancements continue, healthcare liability becomes more complex. Our attorneys are constantly aware of the new technology impacting healthcare liability, from electronic medical records and robotic surgery to telemedicine and artificial intelligence. Of course, the foundation of our healthcare liability expertise is our attorneys’ immense experience handling claims against healthcare providers of varying specialties, including navigating pre-trial medical liability procedures, presenting complex medical issues to judges and juries, and securing successful resolution of claims for our clients.

The following cases are representative of our record of success defending claims against healthcare providers:

  • Gallbladder Surgery Case: Our attorneys obtained defense jury verdict in medical malpractice litigation filed against LSU Health Sciences Center in Orleans Parish. The claim involved an elderly woman treated by LSU staff physicians at University Hospital. During the course of a gallbladder surgery, the common bile duct was nicked, resulting in a slow but steady leak of bile into the patient’s peritoneum that went undetected during surgery. Prior to trial, a medical review panel concluded that the injury was a known risk of the surgery of which the patient had been informed prior to consenting to the surgery, that the operating physicians had not committed malpractice during the performance of the surgery, and that the patient accordingly was not entitled to recover from the doctors.
  • Neurosurgery Case: Our attorneys obtained a defense jury verdict in medical malpractice case filed against an LSU neurosurgeon. The plaintiff claimed that brain surgery was unnecessary and resulted in the loss of brain tissue that left plaintiff with various cognitive and neurological impairments.
  • Serzone Class Action : Our attorneys obtained dismissal for the State of Louisiana in medical malpractice class action litigation. The plaintiffs alleged malpractice in the prescription of the anti-depressant Serzone against physicians practicing at state facilities. The litigation was consolidated to an MDL (multi-district litigation) convened at Charleston, West Virginia.