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Civil Rights suit seeking $300,000,000 dismissed by motions

Over 50 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers sued the State of Louisiana, the Department of Health and Hospitals and its Secretary, as well as present and former Department of Health and Hospital employees for slavery/involuntary servitude, employment discrimination, racial discrimination, equal protection and due process violations. Plaintiffs sought more than $300,000,000 in damages.

Plaintiffs claimed that they were paid less than Non-Emergency Ambulance Providers even though, according to the plaintiffs, both providers performed identical services. By motions, B&T attorneys proved that plaintiffs’ allegations were wrong and plaintiffs were unable to create a disputed material fact. The court agreed that Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers do not provide medical services during transport, while Non-Emergency Ambulance Providers do. Plaintiffs were represented by both Washington DC and local attorneys. Less than 6 months after the initial assignment, Burglass & Tankersley attorneys, Dennis J. Phayer and Brittney E. Baudean, were successful in securing a dismissal of the entire case.

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